MixWell AB is Swedish company solely producing products without gluten and allergy friendly products. Since 1999 we are producing private label to companies along with our own distribution. With new machinery and new localities we are prepared to open up for more production according to customers special and tailored wishes. Today’s range of products include mixes of various kind, such as breadmixes, cakemixes, wafflemixes, pizzabottommixes, icecream cones/waffels and different flourmixes.

Our products are today sold in all Scandinavian countries as well as to Germany and the Netherlands. Our factory is geared up to produce any kind of dry mixes. Today we use ingrediences based on wheat starch as well as from rice and corn. We have a line of organic Products too. Our packing are done in 300g-1000g, 10 kg, 25kg. In, soft pacs, in bags and in boxes.

Our factory is certified according to FSSC 22000 and for Organic production.

We produce products according to your specification. Today we also have the following gluten free products ready for you:

105 Natural Glutenfree light basic flour
101 Light basic flour
102 Dark basic flour
103 Light basic flour no gluten no lactose
104 Dark basic flour no gluten no lactose

106 Natural Glutenfree dark basic flour
107 Natural glutenfree light basic flour with no gluten lactose or soy
201 Muffinsmix
202 Chokoladmuffinsmix
204 Whole grain breadmix
205 Tortillasmix
208 Pancace & waffelmix

209 Sunflower breadmix
211 Coffee breadmix
212 Pizzamix
213 Oatbread mix
214 Hälsosam fiberbreadmix
215 Italian breadmix
301 Natural Glutenfree muffinsmix
302 Natural Glutenfree chocolat muffinsmix
304 Natural Glutenfree full grain breadmix
305 Natural GlutenfreePastry shell mix/piemix
307 Oat bread mix
308 Organic brownie

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